Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Baby Baby Baby


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Rib knit and Leaf Fabric came from

Every baby needs a baby leaf Hat

The hat is ribbed knit from the cotton knit table... folded in half and turned up  then the top open part is tied to make a top knot and hand stitched shut

To make an applique from your fabric cut a piece that is bigger than your part you want to make an applique... like a leaf, in this case.  

A.  Put a piece of stitch and tear under the leaf and with right side up satin stitch or close zigzag around the leaf you want to make an applique of through the stitch and tear... Tear away the stitch and tear after stitching the edge.  Use some ultrahold Heatnbond and iron on the back cut around and then pull the paper off to make it an iron on applique.   

B.  or you can just hand stitch the applique without puttin any Heatnbond on the back of the applique .... 

C.  or you can use the lite Heatnbond, apply it to the back of the stitch and tear and zizzag or satin stitch through both Heatnbond lite and Stitch and tear onto your garment.... you may sew through heatnbond lite, but not Ultra heatnbond. ..

 Basically you are making an iron on applique with the Ultra... with the lite heatnbond, you are using it to hold the applique in place on the fabric you are wanting to decorate.   The stitch n Tear just adds stableness to your fabric that you are embroidering with satin or zigzag around the edge so it doesn't pucker.

Grammie Leaf Hat in USE

Every Mama needs a Mama Leaf Caftan

Leaf Fabric from

Top the neckline is adjusted to lap over and snap for practical mama use