Saturday, April 17, 2021

Quillows Revisited

 Quillows Revisited

This is a Quillow

(Quilt that folds into a pillow)

Everytime I do something, I do something a little bit different for the person I am doing it for.

The black pillow with the handle is the quillow.
The one behind it is just plain faux fur.  This is my favorite seat.-my only seat other than my sewing chair.

My children are grown now, and when I did this one, I did not take the pictures like I did of others.   This child went a lot of places, so I put a handle on the quillow pocket edge, so she could carry it in and out of her car.

It is black minky on one side and the other side is a printed polar fleece.  At the time, both were purchased from

It was outline quilted and she likes music so I picked that print on the polar fleece because it reminded me of the things she liked.  She is grown now, and the quillow reappeared, as she was moving into a house and expecting a baby.

I usually make the quillows the size of the piece of fabric.  Minky and Polar fleece are about 5 feet wide.-60 inches.-  I get 3 yards of each that gives me enough for approx 6 foot long quillow and the pillow pocket and maybe a neckroll depending on how frugal I am.

I have another site-with lots of quillows  I have made over the years.  Most of the fabric came from

The quillow site is

You can see there are lots of things you can do.  I love minky... I love cotton, but there is something about cuddling up in your minky quillow in front of a streaming movie-eating popcorn, that can't be beat.  Especially when you make it so they can stick their feet in the pillow pocket.

The pillow pocket is on the minky side, placed after the outline quilting was done.

I outline quilted all the musical notes and the musical instruments..... Thinking of my baby travelling around with each stitch I placed.

Make a Quillow for someone you love.  

On the Quillow site, I also show you some Billows with embroidery-those were done with doublesided minky.  Right now we just have minky at the store. You could put two pieces of minky together to get the same blanket effect, just a little heavier than the Billows shown.

There are many ways to do your quillow.  You can piece the pillow pocket on both sides then sew on your quilt at the bottom... or you can line it with a secondary pocket of minky so there is a footsie pocket that folds into the quillow.  All ways it becomes a pillow to throw on the bed or sofa for necessary cozy time.

Opposite side was Redskins and Pillow pocket