Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Cowell Turtleneck Comfy with side pockets accross the front-Matching Scarf and earrings -6 pieces


I do use patterns... I take them apart and mix and match pieces to create exactly what I want.  In this case I used the body of one, the cowell neck of another - expanded on the pocket idea from another sweater and decided to make the pocket band run accross the sweater on the inside front.  I made a scarf and matching earrings.  I picked this fabric to do, because of the holidays coming up and I have the silver glitter pants already made previously so this will go with them, perfectly. 

1.  Front piece cut on fold.

2.  Back piece cut on fold.

3.  Center of these is wide enough to cut a long scarf

4.  Large cowel neck piece to foldover and sew onto neckline

sew the piece together which will be the center back and then foldover when you sew to neckline with an over cast stitch on the inside.   Will make a large floppy cowell.

5.  2 sleeves.. one piece laid out on top of fabric folded over

6.  Large piece the width of the front to fold over and sew into side seams and hem when you sew the front.

On this all of the stripes will be horizontal including the sleeves.

To add something different you can always do stripes vertical on the neck piece, scarf and pocket piece and put the pocket piece on the outside of the sweater instead of inside.

The wall in my little workshop area

Just happened to have some silver glitter tubins I had made that matched the stripe in this fabric... So (SEW) here is the cowell neck shirt.

I made a scarf and earrings before I did the top...so here it is with the scarf and a couple of others that just happened to have the silver and black glitter.   I have many scarves.

Here it is with the jacket, that I just happened to have.  I have many jackets.

I added a light yellow crepe material scarf to brighten the color.

This will be a nice comfortable, but glittery outfit to look holiday special.


4 different sweater fabrics are on the table, but this one is the first one to use.   Then I made the glitter stripe one.  I still have a forest green ribbed knit and a black tweed type cashmere feel knit to use ... the earrings are made..but I have to do some organizing and quilting...

Remember cut in multiples and you will have your sets already to just whip up when you have a little time.  The sweater band pockets are an experiment.  The others may end up with just side pockets or no pockets depending on how this works out.   Be back to show you the finished product.... Sew Sew Sew....

half? of the Ispy quilt is done

Make a lap quilt size the kids can play in the car.
When you decide what your color plan might be...
1.  make all your little center flaps first and put the numbers on.... sew two of same color square together in a tiny seam and flip press and turn in top to be ready to top stitch onto the blocks they belong on.. if stitching numbers apply first then sew small block pieces together  if stitching the Letters on the inside piece than just lay them out so you know which letters on going to be on the inside and sew the flap squares together after you have made your big ISpy blocks.

2.  then lay out all your ISpy center pieces in the center of the big blocks...this one is 10 inch blocks... 

3.  then cut all your left over scraps or tear them into the strips and sew all your strips around the Ispy centers on the blocks... 

4.  Lay your blocks out in the order you want your I spys.. 

5.  I did pairs so they could make different kinds of games out of it and placed them randomly ... put your center flaps on top 

6.  place your letters on the under side of the flaps because you now know what ISpy in under them.   

7.  and sew the flaps 

8.  then the border pieces in between block in a row... 

9.  and then sew the border piece between the horizontal rows...

10.  Now the frame in piece and decide if it is wide enough for where they are going to use it... bed...floor.. car..

Concentration anyone?  I spy?