Saturday, November 13, 2021

I SPY my list and my quilt.... EWW my mini me is watching me

 All Fabrics and accessories(the trim that is mini me's matching necklace) come from -my favorite store where you will find me 4 days a

The vest is made from African print fabric with microfiber suede as the patches and what I am applying big on face pockets, plus the pants will be part of this TOTAL SET...The vest is lined with quilted minkie snuggle and there will be a matching clutch crazy quilted.  2 sets of earrings... 1 pr suede and 1 pr minkie.

I am going to apply myself to the I Spy quilt blocks, and then free motion quilt the whole thing

1.  Do lots of block pairs to fill the quilt...

2.  Decide placement on the quilt

3.  Decide the color borders between the blocks framing them in

4.  Heatnbond Ultrahold the fabric for the Alphabet Letters and Numbers and run them through my accuqult cutter.  If you use Heatnbond lite you will have to satin stitch around the letters with the sewing machine.  I just ironed mine.

5.  Decide the quilt color pattern for the Ispy cover blocks and apply the alphabet on one side and the number it will be on the quilt on the other side.

** for me.. I don't have a table in my little living space, so I use my bed.  I recently got one of the fold up cardboard tops and it makes things so much easier...

6.  Sew all the flaps into squares and flip to be ready to apply to blocks

7.  sew the borders for framing in on the rows of quilt blocks and then sew them together... freemotion any borders the way you want after the top is sewn together.

8.  Finish free motion quilting the backing and then sew the top to the back by stitch in the ditch and machine tie spots.

free motion quilting the back to batting a section at a time....

I am at this stage when I made the list... hopefully at the end of the day I will be finished and then have cut out multiples of pants, tops and bulkie sweaters for the chilly workplace.  At least one finished outfit for tomorrow ....including the one on mini me...LOL

If I get a portion of this done I will be happy.  Always make my lists more than humanly possible so I can check something off....

The scrap bag is out so I can make some masks from scraps, so if I don't finish a new outfit I can wear an old outfit with a matching mask.

And...... I am going to organize my room...HAHAH

Diva outfit to do .... White lined with Red for Dress coat when cold at work..quilted together.. all has been pre washed ready to cut and sew.... Lips will be mask and pair of earrings... earrings out of all three fabrics for different looks - dress and coatdress will be body curves.

Four bulky cowel neck drape sweaters to be cut out at one time... and quick sews for chilly warehouse

This jacket reversible Copper pleather with black sherpa suede... and a pair of high boots and or bootsocks and scarf in suede sherpa -soft from 2.97 room.

Inspiration to finish the ISPY to do these... my birthday Jacket...LOL.. last year it was the fabulous fur...-more casual this year... haha

OOOPs   Gotta go Grammie sit... delay in completing this list...