Friday, October 1, 2021

Quick Sew Lace Coat Dress

Buy a Lace with a Scallop on the edge that is wide enough to go around you and you can pin your side and back piece together..

Lay your back piece on the fold and pin your pattern piece in front of a Straight simple jacket and make it the length to your ankles and you only have to cut out the top edge of your two pattern pieces together as you have laid them as if they are sewn on the fabric... and the scallop will be down the front 

Sew your Shoulders together and just flat roll edge the neck.

at the bottom you will flat roll the hem.

Lay out your sleeves so the scallop in on the edge of your sleeve and sew your sleeve onto the jacket ...DONE...

Thursday, September 30, 2021

A Little Strip of Fur

 What can you do with a little strip of faux fur?

The Store is in Rockville, MD and you can find many more furs that are not on the website... We are a large warehouse with much more fabrics of all types, that we cannot take pictures of everything.... Come and touch and feel the fabric.

Have fun with a little strip of faux fur....

It is at least 60 inches wide- 5 ft....

1/4 of a yard is 9 5 ft... most tear easily so you can make long strips and use them:

At the edge of a yoke on a jacket....

Around the whole edge of a Jacket or 

Used Snaps on the sweater and fur strips so you can use with or without the fur trim.  This was a sweater set I made, then added the fur..fur cuffs were also detachable with elastic inside.  OR

Reversible Raincoat with strip of fur added..

This simple reversible Berber/Sherpa Jacket becomes

Fabulous Fur Reversible Coat

Front scrap pieces hand added for a muffler for hand warming.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Mans Knit shirt and Baby Tux Bib today

M6251   Knit Shirt and Birthday Boy is loving it!!! So Soft.

To make it appear Custom as it was

Another Tuxedo Bib in Process

Reversible to Dilbert Work Shirt

Back to quilting tonight!! and little dress

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Fancy Masks


Make a beautiful Facemask with a small amount of our fabulous embellished fabric-I DID!

Put this address in your url for pdf pattern

I double the pocket and then I have 3 layers in front  or 

put face mask in the keyword block up top of this blog and see the many facemasks with detail that I have made...

This was a piece from the scrap bag-I had to make and wear with my black and gray chevron knit jacket as my co-worker bought the scrap bag so I would be forced to make some more masks-she must like looking at them.  The Gold one below and the matte silver one on top.  

I have one more I will be adding that she gave me a scrap of a shiny silver one... I have to finish the shiny silver sequined outfit before I care about wearing the shiny silver mask.  I will post it when I finish all...

When I do the filter pocket I double it with 200 count muslin so it is soft on my face and light weight but gives me 3 layer barrier.  I sew the sides of the pocket and flip it before sewing it on the mask- then I have smooth edges all around the filter pocket.  Then I topstitch the whole mask.

and my inserts are these items

I use 2 white flat plastic nose inserts and tape a piece of 22 gauge floral wire inside of them and do a very spaced wrap tucking the end back inside the 2.  This bends - stays and is removable for washing.  The insert will totally conform to your face for comfort and staying power.

The nose casing is however long the insert is and is between the filter and the front directly over the middle of the mask.

Where the masks elastic casing is mine has one more stitching so there is a second casing to put a tie or slide through so you can tighten the mask when the crazy unmasked come near you, or just hang the mask when you are driving so you can slip it on faster.

I now put the adjusters that I use on the ear elastics on the hanger cord to slide

Make a Little skirt for winter with minkie

Little Girls Swirly Skirt

Minkie Fabric attached to a wide elastic band
Can easily be cut to exact length without fraying

We have these Sunflowers in Minkie....sooo fun

Many other designs make wonderful blankets and buntings and cozy backs to quilts and quillows

Saturday, September 4, 2021

He likes it- he loves it!!!


                 I made this Lambie Pie before the Baby was Born!

 I thought-probably won't even like it- a lot of work... But This 

was the reward!!