Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Today--Making Some Scarves-Earrings and Jewelry and maybe you will see a finished total outfit

 First let's talk about this last creation I have been embellishing on...

I love these Butterflies... The fabric has quite a few on it, so I am going to put a couple more on the top and sleeves....

Note the button is from

It just buttons on the collar of the green underdress but hangs over the edge of the outfit.

I ripped some of the chiffon(georgette) into strips to make a green flower on a sleeve or edge for a butterfly to be attached to...(I know I go sooo overboard, fun for me)

some netting
tear some strips
cut a circle out of the netting and gather strip start sewing on circle on the outside and wind in as you sew

A flower for my shoulder

next I just need to make some butterflies to land on the flower

2 Butterflies one for top and one for bottom and craftex for this one...embroidery thread for machine edging and go for it!

I was helping someone on the button wall one day and found these beautiful gold buttons with green satin ribbon woven through them... That was what made me make this skirt and top into a coatdress because they just went so perfect.  YES, they were expensive... but I love the WOW effect on me when I button them and look at the full look in the mirror.

But butterflies are good to make earrings on a smaller scale... and it is fun to try all your stitches on your sewing machine.

I am going to add to this posting as I complete the items today.... Happy Sewing