Friday, October 30, 2020

Chemise and Netting Underdress


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Usually I just do simple and quick

This crazy 'Butterfly Fairy' Outfit is dragging on

Here is the forest Green Netting Underdress that will go over the simple Georgette Chemise.   This is the design.... I have made the sleeves and I am cutting out the bodice and skirt and sewing the georgette cordings now, before I go out.

I am excited to think of wearing this, much less drawing it... LOL
So the underskirt is planned to land just under the teardrop of the dress and the sleeves peek out of the sleeves of the coat dress as in the orignial picture of the dress... The dress is made... and I have laid out the parts of the shoes-(which I am going to try to embroider the butterflies on the shoes) or maybe do the 3D ones as on the sleeves and flower
Forest Green Underdress will be poking out from under this coatdress and butterfly on leaves overlay will hang over the once shoulder like this,,,,,
I am thinking maybe three small butterflies on parts of sleeves but 3D like on the leaves.... maybe 1 small one on the back as the floral lace is also quilted on the back of the coatdress.

Here is the back.... 

When underdress is done it will be below the line of lace and teardrop bottom.

Every other tear at the bottom is overlayed with color lace and every other is overlayed with white lace... edging is venetian lace... that was expensive compared to the rest.... 
The top part in the back is overlayed but also quilted in the back diamond shapes... so  Since I am so overboard... might as well add a butterfly or two... small ones to the back or a teardrop...LOL... talk about overkill


and of course her facemask....??? probably one of the yellow ones
but it is all in how the fairy feels the day she dons her uniform...


I love this fabric... all are my real butterflies on fabric from my gardens when I had many flowers or kayaking butterflies