Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Overlaying Lace and readapting a pattern to your body Using Your Machine embroidery for embellishing


I started with this pattern and some bits and pieces of fabric I found in the 2.97 room and then when I decided to overlay lace I went to the 25.00 a yard white overembroicered lace and the venitian lace for the added white trim...  and from then there was no stopping me...

I loved the tear drop edging, but after I overlaid the top, it needed some pizazz and I obliged...

I added alternation color imprinted lace like the peplum and then I trimmed the bottom with the venetian lace and finally I decided to slice it up the middle and sew the two pieces together to make a Coat Dress....  So the final outcome before I decided to add the pricey ribbon enhanced gold buttons and the matching shoes...?????  is this look!!!

I am liking the look so far..

So this is how it is now... I have to finish the sewing of the over top to the dress and the button plackerts, but I have got some dark green of 3 different fabrics to make a dark green dress/blouse for under that has a rouched neckline of sorts with leaves coming over the top of this dress and I am going to embroider the veins in the leaves with verigated threads... so as I do it I will post the steps... LOL-I am trying to make myself finish this.  I told them at work I would wear it on Monday...  

I am copying the body lines from this pattern for the top of my coat dress... Originally it was kimono style so it is hard without set in sleeves.  I am going to try to copy the body curve into my top of the dress.

There has to be an underdress if this is a Coat Dress, so here is the plan....
Forest Green Netting as the over dress with a rouched neckline and bias trim... with a little embroidery of leaves to go with the Coat dress designs... this embroidery of leaves will hang over as a collar would....

There will be a Hunter Green Georgette Chemise under this netting dress.... Using this pattern but without the waistline... just a simple straight full style with the neckline gathered, where it goes under the bias trim.. 

The style will be between these two types, but with the embroidery enhancement.... as in this

Butterfly Underdress with Chemise under it

Finished Butterfly Coat Dress with underdress under and showing Teardrop sleeves with teardrop skirt.
Underdress is slightly longer so the dark green teardrop skirt shows under the venetian Lace Teardrop on Coat dress
Sewn on one side with the same gold flower button as the central point

I have some espadrille bottoms and I am going to try to put

some comfort sole bottoms inside to wear to 


That is a Shoe experiment .

I have the shoe bottoms... the insoles and the tools to do a shoe... maybe  a wrap of some kind for comfort....