Sunday, June 30, 2019

Beach and Kayaking Wear

Getting Ready for my Annual Vacation Cottage Fun

This is stretch Matte Jersey from  Gstreetfabrics 

This jacket is a standby and my other typical jacket from chiffons are great bathing suit cover ups in a breeze.  

I wear this one with my Blue kayakin pants and black bathing suit.. and the pink Tank and jacket with my pink suit...

When I make these dresses for the beach-boardwalk, throw over your swimsuit and go out to dinner, sometimes you need a jacket.... Packing your beach wear, these jackets are the best... great for carrying out in the kayak in case it gets breezy ... 

On the Boardwalk you need to blow in the wind so you must carry some chiffon cover ups... to go with your outfits The above jacket shortened a little with pants or long for bathing suit coverup only... is great... This flowy jacket great for beach cover up... tie jacket for kayakin cover up

One of the above quick dresses that have no facings, just a front and back are my sew quick and put on dresses... with matte jersey they don't wrinkle, so great to throw in your beach totes, and add your flowy jackets for a night on the boardwalk, and you can just go straight from your kayak...LOL

If you want long loose capri pants these are good or my legging pattern capri is what I kayak in..with a tank that matches, throw in the back to put on when I am pulling the kayaks out of the water.

You can make these capri pants leggins from Spandex we have at 

This is my pattern with straight legs for work and capri length tight for over my suit, so these pants a tank and a tie jacket are my kayaking outfits and a flowy jacket and dress to throw on for a boardwalk walk over my suit.... packing packing, my summer fun!!!! Cottages here I come!

First you make your luggage and then you fill it!  This years luggage is Vinyl... So much fun!..Well the old kayaking tote must always come with the fabric I designed, I will use it always..Till it falls apart...I designed the outside fabrics from my kayaking trips and covered with the clear vinyl that we sell at Gstreet, the inside is a batik we sell and the trims and handles and inside pocket came from the leather bin... A Creation of Love

Water Bottle Pocket..

For different totes and how to make them try this blog of mine

So want to be happy like me?..Reserve your beach cottages a year ahead, make your totes, pack your totes with Tie Jackets/Tanks/Capri Sets...... Lots of Swimsuits... and Lots of Chiffon flowy jackets and long comfy dresses..... YOU have something to look forward to.... BEACH VACATIONS!!!..until you live on the water... BUCKET LIST

View from the Porch

And then just kayak on over to Assateague

Views from the porch and kayak

View in the morning

Kayaking right outside your door

A view to look forward to

My inflatable kayaks that fit in my hatchback
with my beachy luggage

Monday, June 24, 2019

Tops and Jackets Quick and Easy

image 0

Using this pattern collar and

I like the big collar on simplicity 8162, but the simple set in sleeve line of Kwik sew 4069

This cowl neck hangs just right and can make this really quick!

I made a couple of these before I went to work in the morning when I wanted something different to wear

Nothing Like the Feel of a Silk Blouse and the comfort of my matching Tubins

This shirt does not require stretch fabric, and is quick and easy, I did the neckline by turning under twice or putting a thin bias strip around the neck in these two different shirts above...

Made with 3/4 length sleeves and the yellow and

 gray made with long sleeves... quick pattern, just use front and back and turn under at neck or use a small rolled bias strip...These two blouses were silk so hmmmmmm so sweet to wear..

The Pants are the usual tubins with elastic waist... 10 minutes to cut/multiples and 10 minutes to sew each pair of pants... yes that is right, in an hour you can have 3 pairs of nice looking pants to wear to work, that are comfortable and professional looking...

The Jackets are the usual jackets adjusted to 6 inches shorter on the pattern for easy pants wear

These are the type of free flowing jackets I wear most days, and carry for swimsuit cover ups out of lacey fabrics

One of my favorite new outer coat patterns, below:


I first used this for a similar Jacket...

I decided later this wasn't good enough, so I got a small piece of fabulous fur and added it to this

After The Test Jacket, I Made this Little Over Jacket for a simple Dress and Used the Selvedge for Trim... and made a fringe at the bottom to match all of the leftover fabrics... but it was quick...

The selvages on this boucle type fabric had a line of metallic, so I couldn't throw the edge away.  I took it and used it as trim down the front and then made a fringe out of the fabric itself for the bottom... Such fun

This is one of my favorite quick dresses, but right now I am
making the Tank with capri length leggins and my bathing suits with a chiffon overlay for BEACH   yeh!!

Bathing suit one piece with chiffon wrap...Love this... using a bathing suit that I wear to adjust the pattern and I am thinking of trying a couple of beach hats for fun, vacation is coming up, so I am making my annual tote luggage to have room for my kayaks and beach toys... and loving the chiffons at work with the prints for wraps and jackets.

Pictures to follow....

One of this years sets will be red bathing suit. red capri, and red tank and printed chiffon of red and gold...
and perhaps a blue set of the same I like the print soo much..

With the new Gauze we got in I am going to make a Red Gauze Dress with the stripe in the middle to be the Yellow Gold Gauze to go with this set---I may not make it as Full... The stripe is the attraction and I don't want it to blow up in the air when I am on the boardwalk...LOL

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Glittery fabric with copper accents

This Glittery fabric is in the weave, not separate glitter, and the scarves are two separate-one of the same fabric as the drape neck blouse and intertwined with two silk scarves.  The jacket is a polyester fabric that has an iridescent sheen, much like a taffeta.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Infinity Scarves Because

Soo, No time to do anything, because OMG I have been sleeping.... Well, I do work fulltime, and with a little kind of head thing, not sore throat or in pain, but certainly made me too tired to skip sleeping..  So, when this happens, I must fullfill my need to make things, by just making infinity scarves to wear to work...
Today, I have 5 laying across the sewing chair back, so I will whip them up and wear at least 3 of them to work... makes me feel accomplished... Well, when you work in a sewing store, it feels good to say, I made this today... so pretty scarves with matching earrings do this for me.

Scarf styles I wear and sometimes all at once layered!

sometimes I tie a longer scarf around the middle like a mans tie knot... sometimes a fancy glitter elastic bracelet above that..

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Tote-done Quickly

Quick Tote out of Soft Vinyl-Inside and Out

This was very quickly made... 1/2 yard of outside vinyl and 1/2 yard of inside vinyl

Vinyl comes 54 inches wide-so the vinyl I fold up to the depth I want and cut off the excess strip and use it for the handles or pockets or whatever... This is simple, I make a bunch of big ones for my vacation luggage... easy to smash in my hatchback with my kayaks without taking up much room... all the fabrics are usually non wrinkling spandex or stretch matte jersey... so fun.

Inside is vinyl too, so can be used on the kayak and no worries about water splashing.... 

After folding up and sewing side seams, just fold the bottom edge of sewn sides to the width you want your tote bottom and do the same on both sides.... If you are doing outside strapping like this, best to mark and sew the strapping on before you sew sides and bottom, easier to work with... top handles sewn on after you put the inside lining in and turn top edges in a quarter of an inch and top stitch. Then sew handles on....

I just folded the leftovers in and top stitched leaving the bottoms open so I could fold them up and stitch the rectangular fold over the top edge of the strapping... Works for me!

Can always use another tote bag

Fabulous Fabrics

and G Street has lots of choices on their 6.97 and 4.97 a yard tables in the Home Decorating Department with 25% off Now

Totes Have Choices