Monday, June 3, 2019

Infinity Scarves Because

Soo, No time to do anything, because OMG I have been sleeping.... Well, I do work fulltime, and with a little kind of head thing, not sore throat or in pain, but certainly made me too tired to skip sleeping..  So, when this happens, I must fullfill my need to make things, by just making infinity scarves to wear to work...
Today, I have 5 laying across the sewing chair back, so I will whip them up and wear at least 3 of them to work... makes me feel accomplished... Well, when you work in a sewing store, it feels good to say, I made this today... so pretty scarves with matching earrings do this for me.

Scarf styles I wear and sometimes all at once layered!

sometimes I tie a longer scarf around the middle like a mans tie knot... sometimes a fancy glitter elastic bracelet above that..