Monday, June 24, 2019

Tops and Jackets Quick and Easy

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Using this pattern collar and

I like the big collar on simplicity 8162, but the simple set in sleeve line of Kwik sew 4069

This cowl neck hangs just right and can make this really quick!

I made a couple of these before I went to work in the morning when I wanted something different to wear

Nothing Like the Feel of a Silk Blouse and the comfort of my matching Tubins

This shirt does not require stretch fabric, and is quick and easy, I did the neckline by turning under twice or putting a thin bias strip around the neck in these two different shirts above...

Made with 3/4 length sleeves and the yellow and

 gray made with long sleeves... quick pattern, just use front and back and turn under at neck or use a small rolled bias strip...These two blouses were silk so hmmmmmm so sweet to wear..

The Pants are the usual tubins with elastic waist... 10 minutes to cut/multiples and 10 minutes to sew each pair of pants... yes that is right, in an hour you can have 3 pairs of nice looking pants to wear to work, that are comfortable and professional looking...

The Jackets are the usual jackets adjusted to 6 inches shorter on the pattern for easy pants wear

These are the type of free flowing jackets I wear most days, and carry for swimsuit cover ups out of lacey fabrics

One of my favorite new outer coat patterns, below:


I first used this for a similar Jacket...

I decided later this wasn't good enough, so I got a small piece of fabulous fur and added it to this

After The Test Jacket, I Made this Little Over Jacket for a simple Dress and Used the Selvedge for Trim... and made a fringe at the bottom to match all of the leftover fabrics... but it was quick...

The selvages on this boucle type fabric had a line of metallic, so I couldn't throw the edge away.  I took it and used it as trim down the front and then made a fringe out of the fabric itself for the bottom... Such fun

This is one of my favorite quick dresses, but right now I am
making the Tank with capri length leggins and my bathing suits with a chiffon overlay for BEACH   yeh!!

Bathing suit one piece with chiffon wrap...Love this... using a bathing suit that I wear to adjust the pattern and I am thinking of trying a couple of beach hats for fun, vacation is coming up, so I am making my annual tote luggage to have room for my kayaks and beach toys... and loving the chiffons at work with the prints for wraps and jackets.

Pictures to follow....

One of this years sets will be red bathing suit. red capri, and red tank and printed chiffon of red and gold...
and perhaps a blue set of the same I like the print soo much..

With the new Gauze we got in I am going to make a Red Gauze Dress with the stripe in the middle to be the Yellow Gold Gauze to go with this set---I may not make it as Full... The stripe is the attraction and I don't want it to blow up in the air when I am on the boardwalk...LOL