Sunday, January 30, 2022

Still needing some facemasks?... I do!

 Original facemask pattern pdf

I am tired of them, but I wear them everyday when I am not at home and I DONOT take them off in public to blow my nose ewwww germs... cough....ewwww germs... PEOPLE remember what the facemasks are for... anyway.

I find that  if I put both elastic at the ears and a nose insert, plus a neck hanger, I can wear the mask comfortably without taking it off all day.. The neck hanger, tightener will keep the mask on my face correctly if for some reason the elastics are bothering my ears.  I have both kinds of elastics.. the tiny lightweight cord with adjusters and some with the 3 inch loop.  Next to the ear elastic casings, I have a second casing for the neck hanger.   If you want one I do sell them on etsy so you can copy my style...  The filter pocket is double 200ct muslin.  Soft against the face but makes the mask 3 layers without adding a filter.