Saturday, January 15, 2022

New Years -New Looks- Upholstery DIY

 My Sewing Living Area Needed a New Look

My Old Vinyl Parsons Chair was Cracking

I Love How Comfy this chair is.....

I found this nice striped upholstery fabric on the Flat Folds Sale Table

I got two pieces of this fabric to do this chair and a small old Wing Chair  in the colors that match my room.

I bought the Gold and Black burnished upholstery tacks to give a little extra to the edges.

I love the stripes and the colors match my decor


We also sell Nail Strips (I should have used on the Back)
But I was in a hurry... and I am the only one that sees my room

I just like to love the surroundings.

This is the small wing chair I covered years ago.  It needs added foam and padding.  I have to take off all the upholstery tacks and the old fabric before I repad it.  This is