Monday, December 16, 2019

Holidays are Getting Close

Speed Sewing....

ALL fabrics came from G Street Fabrics <---- Check out Shop on Site

Here is What My Gift Receivers are Getting Their Gifts in

Why waste Wrapping Paper... and Their Names will be on them
Ultrahold cut Letters and one symbolic Applique

He Loves to say OWOOOL HOOT HOOT.... so his will have an Owl Applique

Hat Fabric Came From
G Street Fabrics Polar Fleece and Bumpy Minky <---SHOP

On the table is Red Lace to make an Over Blouse for over an existing Green Chemise and a Green Flowing Jacket as I love to whip up quickly. To be Done after the stockings and One Burnout Silk or Devore' Silk Jacket for one of the girls... each of 4 of them will get one and suede Sherpa Vests- already cut out...  Don't Tell