Thursday, December 12, 2019

Add a Drapeneck Blouse

Still Got some material?  I do
added drapeneck blouse to Pilazzo Pants  or Tubins and a couple of scarves from leftovers... and dodads to earrings.

Quick... Chop Chop... Front Back Facing Sleeves... sew sleeves..and hem... iron interfacing to back facing... sew onto back front to back and hem in sleeves...done.... extra fabric still?  sew a couple of scarves..
Put in your matching earrings that match your pants...throw on your blouse... pull on your pants.. grab a freeflowing jacket and throw the scarves over your neck and go to work... Oh yeah...get to work and grab some glitzzy sequined appliques... sew them together and take your leftover button shanks bend with needlenose pliers and slide onto earring backs to look like a dancing queen...LOL... well not quite..maybe if you added a tiara

20 minute pants... Tubins- use a leggin pattern and widen the legs to be a little more grown up... and add a scarf to your drape neck shirt... and how about a flowy jacket.... You GO GIRLS!!

Jacket-shortened 6 inches for my pants outfits-No interfacings and only front - back and sleeves... DONE

One piece pattern- elastic waist, just widen the legs for the more professional look and to fit over your boot tops in the winter but still pencil legs....quick and easy..

Scarves if any style out of your leftovers add custom look!

Make matching earrings by covering buttons and gluing an earring back on and voila -you are so custom!