Saturday, November 2, 2019

Sewing Mock Turtle neck, separate cowell collar, and Coral Tubins

Coral Mock Turtleneck, Tubins and Freeflowing Jacket
ALL Fabrics come from G Street Fabrics

Love this Mock Turtleneck-I adjusted this pattern to make the mock turtleneck one third of the size of the pattern piece and just folded it over and then sew it on.

I did use the pattern, but changed the neck and used the long sleeves

Threw the nearest silk I had around my neck and added a bracelet to give it a little pizzazz

Total Outfit - Coral and Orange plus Earrings of  all, pants fabric, chiffon jacket fabric, mock turtleneck fabric..scarf fabric-many choices for accessories

Favorite Freeflowing Jacket Pattern-shortened 6 inches for me

This is the separate cowell collar displayed on a hanger, when weather is colder add large cowell collar

20 minute pants... make legs wider so they don't fit snug on legs, but straight pencil style...adjust length for you to ankle.
10 minutes to cut.. 1 piece pattern...Right leg and left leg no pocket---- 10 minutes to sew-- right leg left leg hem each --sew crotch-- sew elastic circle for waist and just flip top over elastic and turn under edge top stitch leaving opening in front so you can tell front from back and tiny opening so you can pull elastic when you want to make smaller or add if you need to add inches..20 minutes done

Made this outfit and wore to the store Come See <---

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