Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Decades of Sewing Gone By

Decades Gone by in Dresswear Old and Young

Disclaimer: all adult men in the pictures have gone by ?? who knows where..... BUT my sewing machine is still here!... Reliable Dependable and Loyal....HAHAHA

Soooo...Sewww.... I am going over old pics... here is some of the dresswear I made 53+ years ago

1966 Class of 1967 Senior Class Wittiest Female

I made most of my clothes in High School and especially special occasions.  This was just a simple cotton shirtwaist out of a dark brown coarse cotton.

1965 Dress and Jacket School Dance

With Dad and without the jacket

1966 High School Dance

School Dance 1967

School Dance 1967 Had a Matching Stole-Wrap

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I loved the matching hairbands...

Cotton Knit pants and a matching cotton knit print shirt and I loved these little vests...I also made a little jacket out of the yellow with a zipper up the front...1970's

I made my first Wedding Dress and my bridesmaid.

My first child on the way... I thought the lace, trim and vest would hide all that extra me?

My first daughter in her summer dress

OOOPS!...  met another guy who was gonna take care of me and mine for the rest of my life...HAHAHA, 2 more kids and where is HE now..... but my sewing machine is still here.... AWWW the comfort of knowing something will always be there for you....

My Party Outfit made Totally by me

One of my daughters and I looking alike in our outfits

This lovely shirtwaist in cotton and a little cardigan out of sweatshirt fleece to match

One of my Christmas outfits... suede velvet skirt and ruffly silky blouse...

She Loved her Corduroy Overalls with the heart buttons and an applique on the bib...

And she got a ruffly dress too...LOL

I loved this cotton suit that I made

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