Tuesday, December 12, 2017


I found Raincoat Lining or what might be some kind of Ski Jacket material in the Treasure Hunt Room of 2.97 a yard material.... I didn't have a raincoat... so I decided to make one.

I made the lining the day it snowed and wore the lining inside out... so I put pockets in the lining itself so I would have pockets that day

I turned under the edge all the way around hood and all-and top stitched it so I could wear it... Here it is the way it will be in the coat itself.

The Raincoat itself is kind of silver gray waterproof material found the same day in the Treasure Hunt Room at 2.97 a yard.

The Raincoat Pockets will be the insulated lining so it is soft and comfy when I put my cold wet hands in the pockets...  Maybe I will have enough to make mittens... LOL

Pockets out of Insulated lining

I  am going to try to make a strip like belting around the coat at waist height to drawstring and give it some added shape... A bit wider than it shows on the pattern.

Well, so it is a furry raincoat... Yes, I added fur, and I think I am going to do all of the edges... Pin test and then sew

Yes, on the cuff too, not quite this wide

Around the edges.... and then I will turn inside out and put the waistband along the back so I can have a little shape to the coat-- Remember the whole thing is reversible... one side silver and one side brownish black

Belting just at the back from seam to seam but a loose piece that I can overlap and hook or tie... maybe grommets and ratail or bolo cord through the grommets..

Inserted Elastic into the belting and put DRings on the end... Belting done...

Raincoat DONE and Reversible with Pockets in both sides

One side Silver the other side Dark Brown.

I made Straight Loose Sleeves with no Cuffs and extended the bottom to a straight edge for more of a raincoat look but short coat to be able to get in and out of the car.  With this fabric combination - this pattern with a few adjustments worked great for me.