Thursday, December 7, 2017

Jacket - Lace over sweetheart neckline bodice- Tubins - Full Outfit

All 'Finds' In the 'Treasure Hunt' Room for 2.97 a yard.... my birthday suit... LOL
20 minute Tubins...3.00 Lace Top over Glittery Bodice - 7.50  and Burnout Cut Velvet Free Flowing Cardigan - 7.50

18.00 Outfit... Happy Birthday to ME!!!!  Yeh!

Butterick 5045 Jacket shortened 6 inches for pants

Simplicity3568 Tunic Top Bodice of Lace  with Glitter Black

Sweetheart Neckline Lining sewn to Tunic on the inside of Lace

M6435 for Sweetheart Lining shape under Lace Tunic

Simplicity 9597 for 20 Minute Tubins' Pants Legs made bigger like Tubes....

Make a bunch of elastic waistbands and lay them on the sewing machine table...when you make your pants... just flip the fabric over the top of the band and top stitch... don't waste time pulling elastic through a casing..

Always have some pants cut out, cut 3 at a time and lay next to sewing machine and when you have 20 minutes... You can have a new pair of pants...and sooooo comfy.