Sunday, May 6, 2018

Carryon Made to Measurements

This Carryon Made to fit measurements.... Removeable Shoulder Strap on D Rings, or Tuckaway Tote handles in Velcro Closing side Pockets... Faux Leather, lightweight and self lined with removeable cardboard Flat Bottom.

Tote Handles Then Side pockets added to tuck, handles away and velcro shut

Tote Handles Hidden when side pockets velcrod shut

Side View of zippered closing before D-rings added for removeable shoulderstrap

Inside is self lined with a cardboard insert covered with same faux leather

Love this soft Vinyl Faux Leather from G Street Fabrics
Home Decorating 15.00 per yard wall.  

Would Make Great Clutch Bags etc.

This was filled with our Novelty Theme Fabric Jams, heading for HOT weather.

Beer Bottles, Mugs, Antique Cars, Bicycles and Dollars....

From the Cotton Novelty Theme Wall at G Street Fabrics

Used Self Fabric Drawstring coming out of Buttonholes at front of waist vs. elastic waist

Heading for Hot Weather -Need Jams!!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sewing Simple Jams

Bringing in Spring with Some Jams

Okay, spring is here finally.
It is a little Chilly.  Officially it is here with these Jams.
Fabric is from  G Street Fabrics   The cotton Novelty Wall-Great for theme Items

Simple Pattern for Shirt and Shorts... Here we made the shorts.

These are the simple Long Jams Front...Side Seam Pockets

Back Has 2 Back Pockets with Flaps and Velcro Tabs under Flaps

Back Pocket is camouflaged with this print

Pattern calls for one pocket... I did two for good measure...

I didn't try to match flaps or pockets, but they still camouflaged well.

This was an easy shorts pattern, so next we will do a shirt with it and see if that is one I feel is easy too.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Embroidered Chiffon Cardigan and Suede Pants-Silk Blouse

Starts with a Free Flowing Cardigan

Add the same Fabric Scarf and Contrasting Silk Scarf and Matching Silk Blouse... then the Stretch Ultrasuede Pants

Using my 20 minute Tubin's Pattern

And Get the Total Outfit

And Don't Forget Your Matching Earrings

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Minkie(Minky) Quilting

I love this fabric... addictive to touch..

This was a lapquilt gift for an elderly aunt and a bed jacket.

Matching laminated cotton bag for carrying to hospital and hospice

Blanket Gift Minkie

Blanket rolled into a casing that would make it a neckroll and a separate pillow


Quilted Pansies Minkie Quillow

Lighthouse Quillow and Neckroll

Antique Car Quillow

Doggie Billow

Blanket Rolls into Pillow Top

Wild Horses Billow

Other side of Pillow when you flip it

Blanket Rolls into a Pillow Top

Hummingbirds Billow

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Old McDonald Had a Farm EIEIO

This is the Book.  Minkie of Different Colors  and Pages are Separate so You can undo the knotted Ribbon Binding and wash the pages in the machine.



Here is the book in use

Okay, so she likes to read it upside down, it's her book, at least she likes it! Besides she is only turned 1.   It came in this bag...

Why waste wrapping paper if you can make a bag they can use!