Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Madly Sewing Up My Stash

Many of my fabrics come from where I work part-time




Where I have fabric I have designed and many of my pillow fronts come from one or the other of these two sites... both have online selling of fabrics

the things that you can have made with my fabric designs


The new wildlife series of pillows that I have made for sale will be on my Shop at


 Looking at all the Scraps and Left Overs

Left Overs from pillow Back-- fur trim for detachable collar trim- clutch trim fun-Fur earrings

enough from this minky pillow back to make pockets on the end of my minky scarf to keep my hands warm when I am driving and walking to and from the car.

I just made 4 Turtleneck Tops because I was chilly at work.

Extras.. Removable cowel collar infinity scarves-earrings of course-braided bracelets and necklaces-if big enough pieces-cardigans-1.5 yds - on a turtleneck there is usually a big enough piece to do a removable cowel collar or infinity scarf from a side piece-always enough scraps for earrings and straight scarves or braided necklaces.

from the jacket there were little suede and skin and sherpa scraps good enough to crazy quilt a clutch and put pleather wrap pockets on the front of the clutch for cc case and phone case.

Always if there is enough scraps when you cut out a cardigan, you might want to add pockets in the side seams.

I managed to make cardigan to go with turtleneck and used scraps to make banding on sleeves and bottom of cardigan... narrow banding down the front  and then the fur trim I attached to a piece of black twill tape (1/2 inch wide).... folded the 2 inch strip of fur over and stitched to twill tape and added small handsewn snaps so I could attach by putting the small snaps on the under side of the cardigan banding and use the cardigan with our without fur strips..... but the feather fur is so soft I love it.   The cuff banding is just a circle of fur with a piece of elastic inside so I can just slide over the cuff to trim sleeve.

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