Friday, January 15, 2021

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 Baby Gift Ideas...?

Gifts I have created in the past and what I am doing now... remember.. as in the purple sueded coat blog-I go back and add on to the same topics, or may put them on a different blog.

In the past I have made gift baskets...start with a theme or animal:

Frogs -

Cover a scrapbook or photo album-with or without lace trim..can put a ribbon to tie shut...can add something on the front and put a push button music box inside the front. The front of this one had a beanie frog under a blanket and his head was on a heart pillow.  The music box was inside the heart pillow on the photo album.

Booties with frogs cross stitched on toes hung from the handle with a matching drool bib.

The one below was all about Bears.  A suncatcher for the window of the baby that was a bear (I was doing stainglass at the time, too)  There was a gingham burp drool and tinkle set in the basket-which was a teddy bear basket with the head on the one end and the legs and arms on the side.  If you want any further instructions or amounts of fabric etc.  You can always find me at G Street Fabrics in Rockville, MD ...Sun.  Mon. Tues.  or just email me ... at

Teddy Bears-


Included a simple panel quilt with lace around it and outline quilted the characters on the quilt panel..Always a burp drool and tinkle set of the same theme.  Different kinds of  bibs, cloth books and photo album.

Cross-stitching is fun and easy to add that handmade look to items...


As you can see from the fuschia glow it was wrapped in Colored Cellophane

Dog Themes:

Music box in the ladies skirt

This was one of my favorites..

Hoody Terry Fleece Bath Towel

Right now I am doing a Sheep Theme
and a Butterfly in a later blog I will post what I have done and how.

I do many different things and have many different blogs, but I love the fabric and unless I print the fabric myself the fabric comes from Gstreetfabrics where I work  or