Wednesday, March 25, 2020


I have some comfy cotton knit in my stash:

Remember you can still order online from
25% off and maybe a 10 or 20 $ coupon if you are over 50 or 100 after the 25% off.  Check the site...

Remember my old vintage patterns may still be available from Etsy sellers or Ebay, so just search for the vender and number and say sewing pattern  and whoever has it will come up!

Chose Patterns:  Simplicity 8022 1 piece pants pattern and NEW LOOK 6086..another easy top pattern I had on my shelf

I used some white twill tape I had on the table for the drawstring-- I only needed 1 1/4 yards of 60 inch wide for the pants....2 5/8 does both the view E undershirt and the View C over shirt  ---  Just under 4 yards for this comfy PJ outfit....


The fabric is so soft...since I am not working at G Street Fabrics anymore... I have to be comfy in front of my sewing machine, laptop and camera... ETSY SHOP

I made View C and made bias out of the same fabric for the neck, and view E for an undershirt of the same cotton knit fabric.... These are sooooo comfy... I am sure to get a lot of work done with my backup of coffee.... You know how I love the coffee fuel......Here I am in all my comfyness.... But I will still ride my exercise bike and drink my very large bottle of water while I ride it and use my shake weights routine while I ride...  Tomorrows plan... is Friday kayaking.... hmmmmm I can't wait.

See I have the view E as a T shirt under the Top View C over the drawstring pants..... That's your challenge

Yes, girls!  I did cut 4 inches off my hair.... just getting comfy..

I am going to go Ride the Bike-Drink Water-  Then put some outfits on Etsy and drink Coffee.... then work on my quilt and maybe do a pre cut package so STAY TUNED  for 


KittysCustomOutfits shop

If you like to quilt -  I will also put some pre-cut quilt packages in the shop... be ready for sewing made easy.