Saturday, August 3, 2019

Beach Bag OOPS!


This is 4 placemats sewn together and then covered with clear plastic vinyl from the home dec department at G street.  I, Absolutely, Love everything about this Tote for my Beach Vacation... Check out the handles.. and I put D Rings on the sides with a removable shoulder strap...and it is lined with vinyl from the upholstery Flat fold table.  Half Yard of each vinyl so about 7.50 for this beautiful bag.  I had a coupon for the placemats so they were free.

I have to admit... I have to use my backup machine now because I seem to have pulled my shank out of alignment and it is hitting the bobbin..Tried changing needles and turning off and on, but OOPS... maybe you shouldn't try this at home....LOL... I have more than one backup machine, all just newly serviced, except the one I just messed up.  They are 24 years old, so I am not too upset as long as one still works.... I probably should have used an 18 needle and I was using a 14 or 16 and going through clear plastic-heavy woven-and folded over vinyl more than one layer of amazing anyway!

This is very lightweight soft vinyl, so the support is about the folding and top stitching.  I love the clear plastic on the outside and the vinyl is a metallic color so it is very attractive to me...
Now I have to fill it with all the kayaking outfits and bathing suits I have made.... BUT FIRST..I have to make the dress I am going to wear tomorrow...LOL.. very simple yet colorful

I am cutting this out and then I can whip it together and wear it tomorrow....Beautiful colors.

Very light and airy material

How great is this? Flowy Dress and a Golden Yellow matches better than you can tell in the picture for a Crepe Chiffon Flowy jacket to go with it.... and I probably with combine a Royal Blue and a yellow scarf to hang on the sides for accent on the jacket.... OOOOOH.... fun.....

Note Earrings are on the scarf
So far, two scarves - one dress material- one blue jacket lace scarf with scallops on the end...and there will be one yellow one and a yellow jacket the same yellow as in the dress.

This jacket was made by folding the material and cutting a neckline, and sleeve holds, adding sleeves so scallops are on the end of the sleeves and cutting the jacket body so the scallops were on the bottom.  This piece of lace had an extra piece with scallops on the end, so I cut a strip like you would a kimono and folded it so it would be top stitched on the end.  Before work I will have 4 pairs of earrings, 1 pair matching the dress material, 1 pair matching this blue jacket and 1 pair matching the yellow jacket, plus 1 pair combining the blue lace over the yellow jacket material, and two jackets to choose from- a blue lace and a yellow jacket.  The top of the blue jacket is just folded over lace over the raw edge to give it the finished look.

Finished and wore to work!