Friday, February 15, 2019

Sew a Fun Stuffed Kitty

Stopping to Sew a Grand-daughters Toy


Some kind of kitty looking fabric for body

Some kind of Dress looking Fabric scrap

Some kind of Blanket looking Fabric scrap

Some scrap for the Blanket binding or border under the kittys neck

A little roll of crafting lace (always in my drawers for bottle aprons.etc)

Some little piece of Ribbon

A cardboard box-a little bigger than the kitty ( I have lots of these from etsy,ebay and amazon)

Something to cover the cardboard box that will make it a nice little bed for the kitty

Some Embroidery Floss for the Faces of the kitty

Some Kind of Thick and Tacky Glue

Here Kitty is with Dress on ... she will have an awake face
Box is cut to the shape of a bed before covering it and making a little pillow (the light Blue Minky scrap)

1.  Get all Your 'Stuff' together

Kitty just needs her faces and her bed covered... I think I might put some leftover birdies on her headboard

When you pull the dress over the awake face it is a blanket and the face is asleep

Used Metallic Green embroidery thread for eye center.. Black embroidery thread for whiskers and outlines... the pink minky triangles for nose and inside of ears for soft touches

When you pull the dress over its head and turn it over kitty is asleep....  Still working on Bed 

Box shaped like Headboard and footboard... lined inside with some batting and covered bottom and insides with minky.. Putting some little silver birdies on headboard and not sure what I am covering the outside with... will give a couple of separate blankies to play night night with.

Soooo This is one of the things I am working on today..

The bed has gone to its new home with the kitty asleep next to a new friend...

Here is the little Bed and Pillow

Kitty brought two little quilts with her, a pink one and a blue one.

Kitty had to go to sleep, she played so hard

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