Friday, October 6, 2017

Sewing with Kitty

That's Me!  Kitty

Mysterious?... haha

That is my quick sew coat pattern that I did a little flaire to it!

So warm, I am wrapped in a blanket...

Polar fleece Leopard combined with Black minky on one side and when reversed it has Brown Double-sided minky on the other side.... YES   REVERSIBLE.

I just did a binding of the minky like doing a quilt binding...

Pattern Information for Coat

Pattern informaton -Click Here

I Love to Spread the news that YOU can sew too.

I don't do anything complicated.  I don't have a serger or a fancy sewing machine.  My machine is over twenty hears old and I have a back up sewing machine that is the same.  I sew every day unless I am sick.  If I don't sew then when I do I sew twice as much.  It makes me feel good. 


You can only do so much scrapbooking - LOL 

The scrapbook cabinet is in the background...HaThis one ended up with a blanket..LOL

Or you scrapbook a pin... Yep thats me in the middle

 Even a tiny pin that is quilted I can put on my lapel or a cross stitch pin.  Then I feel confident for the day.

picture from my kayak...see my paddle

Sometimes you see things next to your kayak... YEP that is a giant turtle.

I walked to the end of Cape Hatteras one vacation and saw where the Ocean and the Sound Meet-I felt like I was on the edge of the world

I laid out on the beach as the sun came up and it was spectacular

I don't just sew, but nature inspires me to wear beautiful colors

 Write Your Ideas down and....

So Sew along with me-This is a minkie Blanket designed by me...'The Lone Kayaker'

Plymouth Curtain Panel featuring Lakeview by kittykittypurrs

Beach House Fun

Dinner on the Water-Even when You are not out there!!

Kittykittypurrs on Roostery!

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