Monday, September 7, 2020

Making things with Paint

 I loved this house.... and it had a blank slate for a basement... concrete floors and cinderblock walls and open beam ceiling...

Nothing done... I used to roller skate around the big basement for exercise... after I got home from work to destress... Then my mind started creating... so I painted the walls white first..and hung some Van Gogh Reproduction Prints on each wall of the basement and visualized... then started creating... with Garage Floor Paint... and Stained Glass...  This was the cafe... I was taking Piano and guitar and this was my Music Dance Studio...

I started with the doorway... LOL.. the previous owner had left this really heavy door against the wall and I couldn't move it.. so I painted around it and that was the start...  As you can see I looked at the cafe painting and copied the doorway... and then I went on to the Pebble floor and stone patio.  Probably, the table that I already had and the door I couldn't move made me decide to do this when I was skating in circles around the basement on the concrete floor... You can imagine.. my mind was creating while I was skating.  This is the same thing I do when I am kayaking and there are not any fish or large turtles or heron to capture my camera focus or my mind focus.... 
Sometimes I feel I am a tortured creative soul, but I am laughing as creating-not wanting to cut my ear off.

I took up Guitar and Piano and Just had a hoot of a time... working hard and playing hard for ten years...

This side was really elaborate... I did the paint first and then the stained glass windows and the walls... then the copper ceiling tiles...and of course, the fab pool table..  pity the phone company man who bet us a game of pool...RFLOL  We won!

When I bought this house the beams were covered with mud from the original building of the house, apparently the owners never used the basement at all... I did enjoy this place for about ten years.... I got my monies worth just out of the creative fun in the basement.

With the help of a fabulous electrician who was helping me with the bathroom you can see to the right.... He suggested I have a mirror ball over my dance floor and it would rotate when I practice my dancing with the pole you see there... LOL... I had two of those poles one on each side of the dance floor and I would swing dance and hustle with the help of jumpropes tied to the poles as arms...

I had the best time dancing.........Jack Vettriano Paintings to dance with me...

'Dance Me to the End of Love'

'The Singing Butler'
They just felt right on the wall in the dark glow of the mirror ball spinning....

And that was just part of the wonderful life I have led, but a Decade ode to the painted basement with the full studio in the back of the basement... for sewing and stained glass...with builtins and a custom exhaust fan for stained glass...This was the basement...

I did use some FABRIC upstairs... and the ceiling of the dance floor was the mirrored fabric of the time.

All of this fabric came from G street ... Notice the chair seats are covered with the same fabric as the draperies...and we carried the look into the kitchen which had an open wall into this family room.

This is where the draperies matched in the kitchen and the kitchen table slipseats were the same fabric  with a white country farmhouse table and dark wood table top

Fun in Every Room for Decorating

Truly the Country Quilters Spare Guest Room, right down to the stenciling on the old wooden chest for the linens and a dry sink on the side

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Working on Cats Just Wanna Have Fun Quillow Today.... along with other things


This is not to scale... Just a plan of what I am doing ... what is where and what colors and backing....  15 squares... of cats having fun!

Of Course, this is the center square of the quillow

We have to have some Fast Kittys...LOL

New Plan-Landscape Quillow

Friday, August 28, 2020

Lace Jackets for Looks Not warmth.... and Totes

 Working on Totes today...  See What I am Doing at this Blog.. and a couple of lace Jackets.... plus  some face mask orders..  So Let us see what we can accomplish you with me...

Custom orders

Grandaughters.....could you guess?

and   then for me!

The Blue is really midnight blue.. which will be cool whatever top I wear under...

and Grey.... Then I have choices for the next three days.... I might make something else for work wear.

My usual jackets.. I love to wear to work.. It is hot at work these days.... so Lace is in with me... and I like pretty fabric, because if I am not-- it is...💃

I mean really Mermaids need to feel like they do in the water.... flowy and weightless... Lace does that!!

It is Good to be 'THE QUEEN'-- Wear what you want ... Do what you want... and sometimes....

Sometimes there are Lookers....

Floating around on your day off...  LOL

Orders are Done...

Granddaughter done... finish the totes and jackets and then daughter and grandsons and son in law masks.... Then.... omy work again.....SEE YOU THERE!🙈🙉🙊😽😸

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Palazzo Pants out of Rayon Challis

 Palazzo Pants

These Palazzo Pants are fun, comfy, graceful and with Rayon Challis from

Some of you know I buy all the fabrics for an outfit at the same time.  That way I have a vision in my mind of how the colors will be.  I knew I wanted to use the Rayon Challis for Palazzo Pants but I didn't have the pattern.  I just bought was was left on the tube.  It was on sale and I always make scarves and earrings etc.  Now it is facemasks too.   The earrings are the same as the pants... So I will wear the parrot mask with this outfit.
Parrot facemasks in my Etsy Store... LOL

I made the pants with two rows of 1/4 inch elastic at the waist and added the tie about a quarter inch wide and slid it through one of the rows of elastic.... I liked the way the waist looked and I love the pockets.

I really like this pattern, you can use it with or without stretchy fabric.  It is great with silks if you find some silk in the silk bin.  I take view E and change the straps to very wide flat straps so I can wear my comfy base support and I crop the length so I can wear it under my Lace over tops....which view C is my favorite to do this.  Again, view E has a great shape to it for draping silks.  When you see me in a nice silk top that hangs well, it is usually this pattern.

This is View E Cropped with added wide straps

This is view C over my version of cropped E

I picked these fabrics because I thought they toned down and brought out the other colors that were in the Rayon Challis Pants Fabric.

This is one of my favorite patterns...
It works great with non stretch fabric like gauze, linen and chiffon.... You can use any number of combinations.. and if you make roomy linen pants you can use your embroidery stitches with 
variegated colors down the side of legs and have great sailor pants with things like anchors.  They are not palazzos but are very roomy legs.

The Red Orange Lace Jacket is one of my favorites, if you come to G street that is usually what I am wearing over my outfits.  They make me feel feminine and flow.  My trademark of freeflowing fashion.... LOL  A lot of Lace Jackets for me.  Summertime I can use them with outfits or over bathing suits.  I throw them in the wash, I love them.  I do have to shorten them about 4-6 inches to feel the right length with my pants outfits.  That is view B jacket on this Pattern.

As I have said before in my blogs... I love accessorizing with scarves... or face masks...and earrings...LOL

Infinity scarves out of silk are so light and airy and hide or add to an outfit that you don't quite like...

So Many Beautiful Fabrics....

If nothing else I make a scarf a day... different lengths- if you have one longer around the neck one, you can use it to tie the others together... like a mans tie knot...or use elastic style bracelets around the middle..... fun fun fun

Quick and easy infinities---

Fold over the width you want sew the long tube..wide is good... right sides are together when you sew... Leave an opening in the middle just big enought to put your fingers in.. 2 inch or so... then pull the end through the tube so you have right side to right side at the end of the tube... twist once and then sew all the way around closing the end....

reach into the hole you left in the middle and pull the fabric right side out... slip stitch the hole shut..  VOILA... Infinity scarf

There is a lot of things you can do with sewing..

        You can put your dogs on a motorcycle... OR

      Your cats in cars... or whatever they want