Friday, July 26, 2019

Gone Kayaking

So Much Fun

Fun on a Day Off... Fishing... Photos and Magnet Fishing, But First....

Purple Tank- Purple Jacket and more splashes with purple capri

Coffee and sew your Outfit for the Day of Fun...LOL

And a New Beach Bag for Luggage...from 4 placemats...Covered with our clear plastic and inside lined with a copper covered vinyl from our Home Dec Special tables

The View for Inspiration

An Observer

Beautiful Colors for a Silk Dress

Beach Decorating Supplies

My Designs

Twin Size Sheet Set $179.00 

Full/Queen $209 

King $239

100% Natural Cotton Sateen sheet sets

Standard fitted sheet and flat sheet and pillow case(s)

I have these sheets on my bed and they are very nice.  My personal design... 


Available in Standard size Sham $39,00

and also Euro  $45.00

Knife Edged Sham
Standard $34       26 x 20
Euro $39              26 x 26


Duvet Cover


Rod Pocket Curtains

Close up of Rod Pocket

The Lone Kayaker

Constructed with both a rod pocket and 3.5" back tabs for a gathered or a pleated look. 50" wide panels feature generous 4" bottom hems.

Available   50 x 84   Cotton Canvas  $130.00

                    80 X 96                                 $142.00

                    50 X 108                               $154.00


Throw Blanket 38 x 70 available in 
Minky       $138, 
Velvet     $158
FLEECE     $128

Everyone loves Table Runners
Luxe Cotton Sateen

Small - 16" x 72"   $49.00

Medium 16"x 90" $59.00

Large 16 x 108" $69.00

Set of 4 placemats  

19 x 13
Eco Canvas                             $50.00
Linen-Cotton Canvas            $54.00

White Backing

Set of 4 Dinner Napkins 20 x 20   

Organic Cotton Sateen   $46.00

Luxe Cotton Sateen

70 Inches Round      $89.00

90 Inches Round    $119.00


  • 100% Cotton tablecloth
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Durable and wrinkle-resistant
  • Folded 1/2" hem
  • Topstitching thread color will be chosen at time of sewing from a limited color set to best match the design
  • Mitered corners
Square Small - 70” x 70”                                  $89.00
Square Large - 90” x 90”                                $119.00
Rectangle Small - 70” x 90”                              $99.00
Rectangle Medium - 70” x 108”                       $109.00
Rectangle Large - 70” x 120”                           $129.00
Rectangle X-Large - 70” x 144"                        $149.00

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Highway and Traintrack Playmat

Decided to make a playmat for the grandsons little zoom zoom
and he has a little plastic train so I put a traintrack----
supplies/ some green felt and some scrap of neoprene I got from the 2.97 room....the train track is non roll elastic so it has little ridges like a train track.--Grosgrain ribbon for the lines on the highway.

Tea Boxes are going to be covered for restaurants on the side of the road... I guess I have to have a Chick fil a since my grand daughter can say that.. haha

Zoom Zoom

Hard Work, Gotta stop to Refuel!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Lace Jackets and Colors

It Started with the Lace Jacket

I love it when customers come into Gstreet and act like my clothes are so wonderful....
I dress for this reaction...

The jacket lace came from the 2.97 room and laying on all the other fabrics did not get taken away....I thought hmmmmm colorful... and looked for other fabrics to go with it... hence, the lime green knit top...and Teal green pants...  easy patterns..

The Jacket shortened 6 inches...

Outfit started with the bright pink tank, added tubins out of fuschia and the lace jacket... with the scarves of many shades.  Scarf jewelry are elastic bracelets with pink and fuschia beading.

If the fabric you are using is lace and has scallops, use them around as many edges as possible and then the sewing of the jacket is even quicker.  In this case I laid it out so scallops were at the end of the sleeves and down the front of the jacket.

These are made extended to low ankle length and straight roomy legs but fitted top like leggins - so comfortable yet professional looking for work.

Scarves sometimes are a combination of all three of these styles

Earrings and necklaces hang on a Plastic Canvas sheet from a bent paper clip(large) off of a magazine box that I put patterns in on an open shelving where I keep my bracelets to choose from.

Yes, I use patterns, and I put them in magazine organizers, and that is where the neckaces and earring plastic canvas sheets hang 

Scarves hang from a scarf hanger as I have many, but when they go well with an outfit they stay with that outfit on that hanger.  I use velvet covered hangers for my clothes so they don't slip off or cause creases where the hanger goes.  Pants tops and jackets all go on the same hanger in sets.