Thursday, October 5, 2017

Basics of Sewing

The Basics...

Needle.... Hand or Machine

There are various eye (hole in the top of the needle) for hand needles... different lengths and different points.   Dull points or rounded points are usually for hand work such as cross stitch and crewel work so it parts the threads where the weave is instead of making a new hole in the material.  The eye pertains to what size thread is going through the needle or..... how good your eyesight is...Not too big an eye if your material will stretch bigger and not mend itself and go back to shape.  If you are sewing things like buttons you want a SHARP... not a dull point.

Machine?....  Ball Point or Regular...... Ball Point is for knits so you don't cut the elastic threads.

Thread... All Purpose works great  Some people like to get silk or silk covered for sewing with silks.

Material.... Sooooo Many kinds... Woven, Knit and ????

          We have Cottons, Rayons, Polyester, Silks...  All kinds of Textures  some stretch... some nets

A Pattern?..... not necessary, but they can be fun and interchangeable....

No Pattern.... Stand in front of a mirror... pinch your shoulders together on the fabric and pin and stitch.... or cut a hole and put it over your head and turn under the neckline and top stitch or cut a strip on the diagonal..... or bias and stitch that over the edge..... Have kimono sleeves... or no sleeves.... again turn under the edge and top stitch or fold over a strip of fabric and sew that on...

Details ?????

I love leggin patterns.... easy and quick... you don't have to make them tight...... then they are tubins not leggins... LOL

Pants from Leggin Pattern - 20 minutes to make- 4 way stretch from our Treasure Hunt Room at G Street Fabrics... Just over a yard of fabric at 2.97 a yard.

Jacket 2.5 yards 1.5 hours... and shirt with scarf... 2 1/8 yards 1 hour.(wide jersey cut on the bias)

Come on have some fun and fill your closet!!

 Silk chiffon with merino wool fibers - nuno felting scarves

Reversible blanket coats... I have two and they are both reversible

Take your leftovers and quilt a warm blankety scarf to match

Winters Coming ... Make a Coat...  Big Collar Quick Sew

Make a TOTE... Use for a Suitcase or...


 This tote is made with canvas I had printed with my pictures from a vacation I took with my kayak in Ocracoke Island North Carolina... I may never go back but I have the memories in photos always

The clear plastic, leather trim and handles came from G Street Fabrics as always.

Cover in Clear Plastic in and Out and use for a Kayak Bag and multi use    OR

Make a pretty Recycle bag you can put an insulater inside for Groceries...!!

More about

Than at sewtotes click on READ MORE at the bottom for instructions

Cover a Scrapbook! and put a pushbutton music box in your creative front


Burp Tinkle and Drool Set?


Make a Diaper Bag? 

How about a Hoodie Towel... This was Terry Fleece.

A Little Boys First Suit

Make a Ribbing Shirt and add a Fire Truck

 Gift Bags with Doodads

Cross Stitch on Gingham and quilted

Quillows that Roll into Pillows

Quilt became a Pillow...

Make your Teeny Window a Wall of Draperies... or make your sofa or a chair match your draperies....

and don't forget your gushie Toss Pillows


Machine Embroidery Quilted Minkie Embroidery Quillow

Fun Faux Fur Minkie Blanket with Neck Pillow Container and matching pillow cover  SOOOO soft

Love the Idea of a Quillow or Billow.. More Quilt to pillow ideas... and instructions on

Minky Stork Gift Bag.. turns into Blanket..Oh Look!

My Blog about sewing what I am wearing is