Sunday, August 15, 2021

Mistakes to a New Creation

Everything Happens for a Reason
Get Lemons make Lemonade

Make a Mistake and the fix makes it GREAT1

Between my cutting on silk on my lap instead of a table, and dull scissors I did some wire cutting with..Ooops I mistakenly evened off a sleeve so one was a couple inches shorter than the other.

I cut off the end of the longer one and added an opposite grain assymetrical cuff and then added to shades of chiffon to end of sleeves.... I love it... Feels good, looks catchy.

Adding the same type of trim to the dress of the set... 

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Cleaning-scraps-baby things

 Cleaning and hate to waste scraps...

Got called into work, but before the call of duty...

Cutting circles of different textures to make a texture ball for the baby...

1. Cut the circles whatever size you want the ball

2. fold circles in half and stitch wrong side out on curve and leave opening.

3. sew a strip of fold over that you can use to hook the ball pieces together

4. stuff you pieces and 

5. sew them together... you can put a piece of elastic in the center to create a loop from the center so it can be attached to things but small enough not to interfere with the rolling.


Can't Wait to finish it and see him play with it
There he is.... I think he likes it!!

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Baby Things

 Baby Snuggler

Minky Wrap  Sack for when you want them cozy

Lambies appliqued on with satin stitch after quilting

Top shuts as a wrap over baby with velcro

First fold over one side then the other secured by a little strip of velcro

Burper quilted on Terry-Street has all colors of Terry
Lambie Fabric was found on the 8.77 cotton sale table

From our Bee Collection in the quilting section-a
Beehive changing-play mat.

Rolls up and handles are out for carrying along with baby bee

In Use... Baby Bee loves the Yellow minky around the Bee Hive
that was quilted on.  

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Coat Posts and Sequin dress plus more Jackets


Crossing Patterns for Las Vegas

Top Half McCalls 8105
Lining of the same
Bottom under dress

Underdress without Rouching

My favorite Pattern used for this over jacket to Glitter dress
and easy swimsuit party cover up in a very light chiffon

Jacket from pattern 

KWIK Sew K3286 Easy Tie Skirt for Bathing suit cover up
Black Metallic embellished chiffon

coats and totes-past posts

Sunday, July 4, 2021

OOPs Tornado-

 Tornado-No Electric, No Lights, Only Hand Sewing...I was on a creative roll

Sewing Machine Stopped...Lights out.. Called Pepco

Then went outside ---  Where is my car!??

It was still there!  EWWWWWWWWWW  I was just admiring it the day before 😢  It was a 2010 and it looked sooo good.   Not anymore!

I could have made myself feel better if I had a battery light and a treadle sewing machine.... but I just sat in the driveway for hours waiting for Pepco and the tree company through the pouring rain at night and finally ..... Light and power again!...

My other blogs....

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Outfits and Accessories

 My Favorite Patterns-using today.

If you come into the store and see me, you have probably seen me in my favorite pattern accessory.  The jacket I wear that is usually out of a flowing chiffon or silk is shortened from a regular pattern about 4 inches.  I am 5'2 and they, of course, make them for all sizes.

Remember, if you are new to patterns, the measure for your body parts is what you go by, not by store sizing.  The actual circumference of the finished outfit will sometimes be on the back of the pattern.  Then when you are buying material, you can tell by the width of the material you are buying if the pattern pieces are going to fit across the fabric. The jacket can be used with lacy fabrics with scallops and you can use the scallops around the front edges and the sleeves and then you don't even have to hem those parts.  You can find my old vintage patterns-uncut on ebay and etsy.  A couple of bucks and you can fill you closets with beautiful outfits from out fabrics.

Accessories-Trim on Light Blue Tubins bottom of legs, earrings, Face mask Scarf

This pattern is great because you don't have to have stretchy material and you can make it all out of Linen and embroider on it.  You can make the pants longer, like palazzo pants and you can extend the sleeve length so it is not 3/4, which I usually do.  I also find the neckline is a little low for my age and I make the scoop neck more of a boat neck so I can still put it over my head.  Pockets I put in the side seams.  I am  not much of a front pocket person.  Here is the jacket I just made.  I am adding trim of the same chiffon to the bottom of some pants that were too short to make that combination good.  And a shirt from the pattern below of the same fabric of the pants, and a dark blue tank so that the outfit can be versitile.

Now there are 3 scarves...1 Jacket and Pair of tubins with matching trim and tank with matching trim-next elastic waist big leg pants with pockets and short sleeved shirt... maybe a dark blue shirt
Mix and Match combos

Pants needed length added second ruffle- Rumba Pants?

This is the second pair of pants in the set.  I was asked for baggy legged pants and these have pockets.  So the second set on the hanger are baggy legged.

Pants with the trim are from:

With the legs widened.

For a Chemise or a top with short sleeves and a non stretch material, you can make to whatever length you want I have this Simplicity pattern, great for a lot of combinations:
This is the pattern for the short sleeve shirts that do not need stretch

On the side- I just recovered an old swing chair so I could have some outside R&R

I used some Green Palmtree fabric, so mine looks a bit tropical.