Sunday, January 3, 2021

Jacket in Purple Suede Reversible Black Fur

 The Jacket is made from skins-Black short shiny soft fur on one side and purple suede on the other
I picked up 1 black sherpa skin because I knew there was not enough for a whole Jacket for me.
It reversed to a darker purple so-so I used it for the lapels on the dark furry side and the dark purple sued for the yoke in the back.

The Accent pockets are deep to put your hands fully into and alternated contrasting strips where I didn't have enough skins.


Reversible Side-Shiny Fur and Pleather

When the Jacket is on the Purple suede side the lapels folded back will be Black Curly Sherpa   and when the Jacket is on the Shiny black fur side the Lapels will be Deep Purple suede.....

When the Jacket is on the Purple suede side the Sleeves will be black faux suede and the cuffs folded up will be on the black shiny pleather side with the feather fur trim on the edge.

When the Jacket is on the Black shiny fur side the Sleeves will be shiny pleather with the cuffs folded up will be the black faux suede side with the feathery fur trim on the edge.

The Back Yoke will be Black Faux suede as the sleeves on the purple suede side and when on the Black shiny fur jacket side the yoke will be the shiny black pleather like the sleeves with the feathery fur trim at the edge of the yoke on both jacket sides....or should I take the black sherpa skin and use it for the yoke on the light purple side and then the dark purple sueded will be the yoke on the black shiny fur side....

I could just cut the shape of the lapels to fold back and forth and sew it on at a slant with some understitching at the seam or topstitching so it will fold back nicely..probably the seam should be out on the sherpa side because it will be less noticeable with the bulk of the sherpa.

I think there is enough of the sherpa skin to do the lapels and the yoke so the dark purple is against the shiny black fur side
So, I used create a pattern pellon and cut a lapel going all the way down to the bottom of the Jacket and cut out the black sherpa to sew onto the black side of the lapel so it would flip without showing the wrong shade of purple on this side.

Added a few inches of pleather to the bottom to give length and put fur around the lapel and accross the bottom of the yoke on both sides to define the design.

Then the bottom will have a little of the feather fur.

Thinking some side pockets that flip out when you reverse jacket and a little feathery fur trim right where you put your hands in the pocket.

Reverse side-suede back

Reversed to all suede with pleather trim at bottom-sleeves become suede with a pleather cuff.

The bottom addition of pleather trim has become complicated and Parts of the front trim- I am slant quilting with the machine to give it some stability with the sewing lines.

Now I am thinking of overlaid pockets on both side that are slanted to put hands into. 

 There are enough scraps for some odds and ends like pieced clutch, necklace, earrings - soooo fun  This took

3 small purple/black shiny fur skins-1 small sherpa/suede skin

and enough pleather suede neoprene to do the reversible sleeves probably 1/2 yard of each.  I had that in stash.

1/4 yard of purple feather fur

All supplies came from

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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Proper Nose Inserts in Face Masks


 I am facing the public at work and many do not know how to wear a face mask properly.

You can make a casing in any mask-if your mask is one of those someone did not put  a pocket you can reach in... just put some bias tape as wide as your casing and stitch it onto the top of the back so you can slip a nose insert inside.

Easy flexible bendable but stays in position above your nose....:

1.  Take two plastic nose inserts  
2.  Put a piece of 22 gauge floral wire in between.
3.  tape the two ends with some magic tape or scotch tape of some kind.
4.  Slide the insert into your sewn casing 
5.  When you put your mask on bend the casing to fit YOUR face and it will not slide down

Please if you are one of these sweet people who want to talk a lot with your mask on put an insert in so that you are really wearing a mask.  If your mask is bopping up and down when you talk you are spreading germs just as if you had no mask on.

Some people say they have an insert, but still they are walking around with the mask falling down under their nose.

Don't take your mask off to eat over an area where other people will be after without wiping down your compromised area.

Don't take your mask off to blow your nose in an area where other people are or where they soon will be without wiping down the area with disinfectant of some kind.


The nose insert should hold your mask above and in front of your nose at all times.... not letting your mask drop down when you are talking.

The mask is not going to perform what it should if you are taking it off when talking to someone or letting it drop below your nose because you think that is efficient to let you breath.

Other Supplies you may want to make the mask for everyone.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Christmas Sparkle Red Dress

 Looking in the Stash....  Fabrics from GSTREETFABRICS in Rockville, MD

 3/4 yard of glittery black lace and a 2.5 yard piece of glittery red
stretch knit

Feeling a little cold lets make a turtle neck glitter dress with a slit up the side and black glitter lace in the slit.

I used this pattern because the red glitter knit was very stretchy.. extended to the ankle and put a slit up one side.

I did add a scarf and just tied a knot in it for something else detail 

Mask of the same red with the black lace over it

and a slight sleeved shawl to put some black lace over the top.  

Mask was made by putting the glitter black lace over the red glitter knit and lining with the usual cotton filter pocket and adjustable elastic ear tabs. 

For work of course the mask and a long black glittery free flowing jacket

It was cold so:

I got to wear my Fabulous Fur Coat to keep warm!

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Christmas Tree Napkins

Christmas Tree Folded Napkins

Found these directions on Youtube and just some sets for sale
We -Gstreetfabrics

Lots of Christmas Type Fabrics still for Sale-So I made some of these and mailed them to various - I love you people-(My mom inspired the cardinal fabrics)

2x2.5 inch rectangles for the trunks.. out of whatever you want your Christmas tree trunk to look like-  I thought maybe even do a couple of presents on the trunk in embroidery....You can use verigated thread to top stitch around your trunks and or your Trees

Sew your trunks after you have preshrunk and cut your little rectangles...  Leave one end open and that is the end you are going to sew into your seam line....

Half circles from center point 8.5 inches

Be Sure to Pre shrink before cutting your
Half circles out...


Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Sewing a Birthday Jacket with Skins

 Found these beautiful small Animal Skins at Gstreetfabrics..

This is my birthday outfit.... ewww big birthday needs a special outfit.

So, since I can't stand being cold, it will be warm but simple enough to wear in the store if it feels drafty as sooo many people come in at once...
One side is purple sueded and the other side is Black slick furr
so I am going to try to make it reversible as I have all my other coats and jackets... 

I am planning on adding a little bit of sherpa skin on the edge of the front and the feather fur I used on this fabulous fur jacket.  It also comes in a purple... but I think I am only going to use it in a strip on the back....

The Plan

Reversible to shiny Black