Friday, August 3, 2018

MinervaMannequinwithHarrietHatHead is born

I am Sewing Right now.... but
Be Ready for a whole new look

From Now on my creations will be modeled by MinervaMannequin
who has acquired Henrietta Hathead....

I am excited-I will no longer have to model them myself...Loving IT!!
Thank You Minerva

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

So Little Time?-Cut in Multiples

Find a pattern you like - alter to fit and cut out in multiples...

This is how I have many blouses and free flowing Jackets and pants...

3 is my favorite Number

This is three Jackets that I am cutting out right now.... Earrings are made and one pair is in my ears.

.. the black gray and white pair -There is a new dress pattern on Miranda Mannequin  I am starting to do hats, so I just ordered Harriet Hathead...Sorry, everything is a laugh to me.  I am out of the covered button size I like for my earrings... so I guess I have to buy some more.....

Now back to cutting out the rest of the jacket pieces and I am planning on wearing the blue one today... we will see.... the blogging part takes some time👿

Wore the Blue one.... One down and 3 to go!

Monday, July 30, 2018

More art with Scarves

Fuschia Jacket Multi scarf and then pull all the colors out of the scarf... blouse is Yellow lace
All from the 'Treasure Hunt Room'

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Repost-A Quick Outfit a Day

A Quick Dress and Free Flowing Cardigan and Scarf or Two


Make Some Earrings out of Covered Buttons and Inspire Yourself

Then.... 10 minutes

Rip a Strip of Fabric and Cover an Old Bangle

 Cover some buttons... Make a  Pair of Tubins(20 min)

Make the Silk Blouse  and then the Cardigan

Baggy Pants, Long Tunic Top and Long Free Flowing Cardigan

Art Outfits

Thank You Customers for Inspiring Me-Let Me Inspire You

So Today I was declared Art-Thank You customers

Lime Green Tubin' Pants, Lime Green Drapeneck Blouse with open slit sleeves and free flowing cardigan out of just Lace...

It all Starts with the Earrings(Covered Buttons) Lace over Green

Feeling a little sinful... I have a few clothes, since I sew everyday... and maybe at least 3 scarves for every outfit?...

and that's not all.....

Remember I have to stand in front of a room full of fabric at 2.97 a yard... so if it looks good and feels good... sometimes I have to buy some too....LOL

And YES, I make something everyday... sometimes the whole outfit... if nothing else on early work days a scarf to compliment what I am going to wear.

And Lookout I am getting ready to head into Quilting-Fullblown

Two Sites in One

Apparently I have two sites..

   so... one has spaces... and I have been blogging on both between sewing unaware I have two with almost the same title... so much for that

Friday, July 27, 2018

Harem Pants

Image result for k3701 sewing pattern

I made this T-shirt and harem pants... both very easy...
Great little quick T-shirt with a ribbed knit and or cotton knit
works well for under silky sheer shirts...  Pants were quick drop crotch pants
and have pockets

These are really baggy Harem pants... but I thought they were cool... I did not put a zipper in... just used elastic and a turnover waistband tied in the front.  Sorry, I did not take a picture, they were beautiful see through silver metallic, and a rush job... like I stayed up all night and made three items... so--who remembers to take a picture..'I didn't'